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19th January 18
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Hatching chicks! :  file (1004.4k)

We have been very fortunante to hatch 8 chicks in an incubator in Oak Class.

The chicks hatched on Thursday 15th June and we were able to watch 5 of them hatch during the day.

They are Nova Brown chickens and will be excellent egg layers.

The 2 female chicks are brown and the 8 male chicks are yellow.

24 hours after hatching they went into the brooder box under a warm light. They have grown rapidly over the week and have been well looked after with fresh food, water and a clean home twice a day.

The chicks have now gone to be re-homed by the company who provided them and more information can be found on their website   

Rufford Nest Box :  file (1663.3k)

We have placed a camera in a nest box in the school grounds.

To our delight we found that a Bluetit has made her nest in it, and laid seven eggs.

The eggs have now hatched and the chicks are growing well.

We have some film of the mother Bluetit feeding her chicks.



The whole of Key Stage 2 visited Eureka , the National Children's Museum, Halifax, on Tuesday,21st March 2017 in connection with our Earth and Space Science topic for this term.

Everyone enjoyed the hands-on experiences in which the museum specialises and agreed it was an exciting place to visit.

The Big Read




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The children took part in ‘The Big Read’ to celebrate World Book Day. Thank you to everyone who supported us by allowing the children to bring their favourite book to school.